Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Try setting fire to a heart...

Sometimes I wonder whether the process of healing is physical or mental. I suppose it could be both. But a great quote I really value is one written in the bible, "Out of the depths of the heart, the mouth speaks." I believe this applies to our actions too. We carry in our hearts what we most want to express, what we long for, what we hope for, what we wish for. 

You could set fire to photos/photo albums, rip letters into shreds, throw away objects, but could you set fire to your own heart? Does deleting memories in the physical really mend a broken heart or help a person move on? Does telling yourself to move on actually help you do so, or is it when your heart has decided to let go that you actually do? 

We could try fooling ourselves, but deleting memories in the physical doesn't wipe them out of the record of the heart. Whatever the heart has recorded is often bound to exist 'forever'. The heart is just like a treasure box, and no matter how deep you try to bury something in your heart, in an attempt to hide it from yourself, it will eventually resurface.