Thursday, August 18, 2011

Know me before you judge me...

It's easy to fall into a certain category just because people have put you there, based on misconceptions they have formed from hearing something about you from other sources or perhaps just because of what they think of you, without knowing you. It's even easier to be the one to judge a person without really getting to know them, and as humans this is a quality that one could say lies in our nature.  Stereotypes were even "formed
as a means of dealing with the instabilities which arise in the division between self and non-self (someone dissimilar to yourself), preserving an illusion of order and control" (Bronfen 1992).

We can't fall for the 'brainwashing' of the media, or the attempts of elite persons to serve their own interests by spreading propaganda, thinking they are right about every situation, every nation and every people. As individuals, we often need to question, research, and take time to get to know other individuals, rather than judging the 'unknown'.

There's a whole world out there people don't know about/care about, and there are people others don't care to get to know because of blind heuristics. Most people who do not wish to hurt anyone have been misjudged, while the true deceitful, stage-performing people who wish to cause havoc among others are being respected and praised. Isn't it sad?

Have you got something against a particular race for no apparent reason? Then perhaps it's time to explore why you do. Do you dislike a specific person without know why? It's time to lay down your pride and at least find out why it is you dislike the person so much. Maybe you would even be surprised to find out that you have more in common than you were first aware of. Don't let false images about people allow you to decide who they are. Get to know them and make your judgements later.