Friday, August 5, 2011

I need romance

Recently I've been watching a drama series about romance, relationships, friendships, the funny way in which women think and the perspective of males from women's point of view. ^^ It's actually really interesting, although I haven't watched many episodes yet. All I can say is: there is a great reason for why I love Asian dramas so much. I feel they make more sense and at times are more realistic than American drama series. They're a whole lot more interesting, according to myself.

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One thing that struck me was one particular scene where three of the female characters were talking, and each of their situations were mentioned; the lead female was the main focus as she had been with her boyfriend for 10 years without a single marriage proposal. As they were talking, the lead female mentioned that growing old with her boyfriend was something she had obviously considered, which was when the more carefree one of the three stepped in and told her to snap out of it, adding that men never think about such things. When she had been asked what men do think about, she replied "Every man's greatest wish is to sleep with all the women in the world."

The main character had been told that the best thing would be to break up with her boyfriend of ten years if she felt the relationship was not going anywhere. In her friend's words, "Kiss and say goodbye".
Her boyfriend works closely with a woman who, in the female lead's opinion, is everything she's not, and this bothers her (the fact that he's working so closely with her that is).... and this once, while they are out eating dinner, she asks her boyfriend what he thinks of his female colleague, and in return she is asked whether she wants the truth. ... Okay, so I'll just pause for a slight second here.

Females often pretend they want to know the truth, only to get angry once they've heard it. I've been there and I've certainly done that!

Her boyfriend tells her that his female colleague is of course attractive, funny and a cool person to be around and that he gets excited whenever he is in her company, and this in turn makes her (the female lead) curious about how he views her (his own girlfriend) and here's where I just had to gasp. He replies "Well...we've been together for ten years. It's not like I'm going to cheat on you with her. Besides, I see you as a sister, a mother, a really good friend." She cuts him off and gets angry, then he asks her whether that is so bad and she replies that it isn't. The  most shocking thing was added at the end of his sentence. "I can't leave you. I see you as my responsibility." Responsibility??????? If you ever become someone's responsibility isn't that your cue to leave?

Love and responsibility are two different things, right? Because if they're one and the same, I might just stay single for the rest of my life. I'm not about to become anyone's 'responsibility' or 'burden' for that matter. Another thing that really annoys me is people staying together for the sake of having been together for so long. It drives me nuts.

Of course feelings change over time, but love doesn't, and love, although it might include certain responsibilities in a relationship, is not just a responsibility.  Love, I suppose is much better than having someone say they're falling/they have fallen in love with you. Who knows when they'll fall out of love with you.