Sunday, July 10, 2011

You make me happy...

I attended a wedding yesterday, which makes this the second wedding I am attending this year, and it was absolutely amazing. I'm used to boring church ceremonies with absolutely no life or enthusiasm, but this time there was singing, clapping, dancing and drums in the church. There was life and it was good.

The bride wore a breathtaking dress and she looked absolutely amazing. Upon her entrance I had to stop myself from crying because of how beautiful the whole wedding march looked; all dressed so beautifully from the bride's maids to the pretty, little ring bearer.

I couldn't help but notice just how happy the groom looked, and just at that particular moment I wanted to trade places with him, so I could be the one smiling so broadly, so I could be the one looking at the person I love and know that I would be spending the rest of my life with that person. I wanted so badly to be the one so entirely happy to be privileged enough to marry my other half.  (He even cried during her song for him)

Life's circumstances often make it hard for a person to see the light at the end of the tunnel and to know that there is such a thing as being internally and eternally happy. It's not all great of course, and there will be some tough times, but not having to go through those tough times alone is something to be happy about.

Who wouldn't want each day to be a happy day? With the other half present I don't see why people wouldn't be looking forward to getting up everyday. There could be nothing better than being happy, and that's what you'll be if that other person makes you happy.

I might have to wait days, months, years even, but if that person ever does come along then perhaps I could be lucky enough to stand at the alter, unable to stop myself from smiling so widely, laughing from the debt of my stomach because I will be spending my life with that person.