Thursday, July 14, 2011

You are whatever you believe you are...

Sometimes I think to myself whether all the media has done is succeed in corrupting the minds of the inhabitants of this world, and whether or not we would even think in a certain way, influenced by the images the media has presented us with, if we had not been taught to see certain things through the eyes of the media.

Yesterday I was watching a programme about a woman who had completely destroyed her skin because of a skin bleaching product, but the main character of the programme had been so touched by the woman's story that she had invited her to receive a make-over, and OMG how beautiful she looked when they were done with her, and I thought that she would have looked like that had she not allowed pressure from the outside to consume her mind.

Very often we allow ourselves to be defined by society, our peers, the media and only 1% is left for definition by ourselves. Because of family members you thought too hard about the future and missed a great (or grave opportunity for that matter) opportunity, because of your peers you thought too much about your weight and developed an eating disorder,  because of the media you thought too much about your skin colour, your hair, your facial features, and started hating yourself.

Once the woman from the show I was watching had given herself a look in the mirror, she had started crying, realising that it had not been her skin colour that had been the issue, but herself.  A saying that I could not agree with more is that "we are our greatest enemy".

Others talk, yes, but we choose what to do with their talking. We choose whether we want to listen to them or not; we choose whether we want to fall victim to their opinions, their thoughts about us, and we choose whether we want to change for them.

In a previous post I wrote that if your opinion is in any way influenced by anyone else, it is not your opinion but theirs.

Of course not everyone will feel beautiful, but in order to prevent people from having control over your life, you need to accept yourself for who you are, to know that no matter how much people talk, that's all they will do as long as you don't allow yourself to be victimised by their talking, as long as you block them out and tell yourself that they DO NOT define you.

It's easier said than done, however, each day is a step forward, progress. If you wake up everyday and love the person you are, no one will be able to toy with your feelings/emotions or make your opinion about yourself shift from one thing to another. If you love the person you are no one can call you 'ugly' and you'll believe them.

As far as I'm concerned

You are whatever you believe you are...