Saturday, July 23, 2011

A terrible day for Norway...

When you live in a 'peaceful' country and the 'safest' country according to the rankings of the world's best places to live, of course you would never expect things like bombs or shootings. But yesterday, what could be one of the worst days in Norwegian history, brought with it both pain, death and tragedy.

As newspapers all over the world have already covered enough of what happened in the capital of Norway yesterday, including the shooting that took place on a tiny island outside of Oslo, where as much as 600 youths had gathered and most had been shot at and killed, I don't have to go into details again. But being so far away from it all and still being able to hear the blast from our home, we knew it had been really powerful.

I really want to express my deepest and most sincere condolences to all who were affected by both incidents, those who lost their loved ones, those who experienced the trauma from within a close range, those who lost their lives and those who had to swim for their lives in order to save themselves.

On the news we watch in horror as the death toll continues to rise on the little island outside of Oslo.

I can't even imagine, and don't really want to imagine what it must have felt like to be watching live at any of these events, and this is just a wake-up call. Learn to love what you have, love those around you, appreciate everything you have, big and small. None of the people who died were aware that it would be their last day, and saying that, I believe we should all continue taking care of each other and being strong for each other.