Sunday, July 17, 2011

Take nothing for granted.

A day ago my little brother showed me a music video that moved me to tears. I was aware and am still aware that there are people in this world being killed for their faith, but I just never thought much or see the seriousness of it until my little brother showed me this song dedicated to raising the issue.

I can't imagine how it is to be persecuted for what you believe in; being killed for professing what you believe in, being tortured for having an opinion different from that of your government or even your country. But yet martyrs all over the world are being tortured and murdered for standing up for what they believe in, refusing to be scared or to feel threatened by those who wish to take away their freedom, their life. They can torture, beat you and kill you, but they can never toy with your faith or take it away.

How privileged we are to live in a 'free world' where you are able to profess your belief no matter what it is. Sometimes we take this for granted....

Although it is easier said than done,

Take nothing for granted!

(For more information on Open Doors Youth and their work of supporting persecuted Christians around the world, and finding out how you can partake in creating a change, visit their website at