Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Attack of the Bees!!!

I was not always this tall... (of course)

I didn't shoot out at birth as tall a giraffe. All of that came about with time. I remember very well when I had tiny little legs that couldn't even transport me 100 metres before I became weary and tired, when I was so little I used to be terrified of walking in huge crowds because I was afraid I'd be swallowed alive, unable to find back to my parents. I was terrified of escalators and would always get really nervous and sweaty whenever I was faced with one, before being pushed forward by my mother.

I dreaded winters the most as the snow would always be either knee deep or waist deep, depending on just how much it had snowed, and I would have to be dragged around by grown ups because I could barely walk without falling over in the snow or getting stuck in it.

This once in particular, I was on a trip with my kindergarten peers and teachers and we had passed through this wood which was infested with bees, but of course we hadn't known that until half of the kindergarten children had passed on to the other side with a couple of kindergarten teachers while the rest of us were left to be attacked by a swarm of them, stinging us everywhere. EVERYWHERE!!!! (which is why I am afraid of insects with stingers by the way...)

I remember so clearly that a whole bunch of them had flown unto my (bright pink) hat and it had had to be thrown on the ground. I had watched in horror as the bees carried on attacking my hat where it lay on the ground while a kindergarten teacher was telling me to run. "Run Chika, run!" I ran of course, but my little legs could barely carry me so I ended up hanging/dangling from the branch of a tree, and one of the kindergarten teachers had to "unhook" me and push me out of the woods.

All of us were taken to the doctors to get the stingers plucked out of our skin, and because I was dark skinned the doctors could not find any traces (unfortunately for me). I had to go home with an annoying ache (the first time I had felt such an indescribable pain) in the whole of my body from all the stings I had been afflicted with.