Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thanks for the memories

I know I am writing this post a year earlier than planned, but what the heck, right?

I can't even imagine what it will be like to 'finally' leave Bournemouth. Will my eyes well up with tears? Will I decide it's too heartbreaking and stay instead? Will I keep in touch with all the wonderful people I've met these past three years?

By next year it will already have been four years since I first arrived in Bournemouth, a scared newbie trembling at the site of what looked like a deserted place at the time. The second I and my best friend arrived in Bournemouth I had a quick look around, asking myself 'what exactly did I get myself into?'. It did not help much that there was a narrow road on the bus on our way to Uni and that the Uni looked like a burnt, ashy building. To my surprise that is nothing compared to the surprise that met me when I discovered it was not at all what it looked like on the outside. It was pretty nice on the inside.

I had thought that all our days of living in Bournemouth would consist of us just staying indoors because there would be simply nothing to do. How wrong I was, because although I had been this scared chicken I had managed to make a lot of new friends during induction week, and the weeks following just kept getting better and better. After a while I realised that perhaps I had not made a mistake coming to this 'deserted island' after all.

I remember particularly thinking that the first club we attended was the only club in the whole of Bournemouth, but I wouldn't have complained if it was, because it was so much fun. It just seemed we had a lot in store considering the fact that we were young, fresh and new with no idea about Bournemouth.

Travelling around and exploring both the central and the place we first lived, Poole, of which I and my friend used to refer to as 'Pole', we became more familiar with our surroundings and started to feel more at home. After a while we developed a really close friendship with two wonderful girls and became a family of four. Despite our hanging out with other group of friends we were still the closest.

It was funny, because at the time our age followed a pattern, each one being a year older than the next. S being the oldest, F being older than me, A being the youngest. Not in a million years had I imagined that I would ever make friends with people whom we became so close with that we would have sleepovers, cook and eat together and not throw a fit if we saw the other naked for example. I saw them as my sisters, and still do.

With our other group of friends we would do so many things, attend parties, have dinner parties, movie nights, barbecues, go to the beach, go jogging together, play basketball (although I would just stand and watch, too afraid of the ball), nights of games and charades etc. I was truly happy with my group of friends and it always felt like we got up to the most amazing things. We all had each other's backs and soon our group of friends just grew larger and larger. 

Now, after three years of laughing, crying, doing fun stuff and growing more mature together I feel a great longing for starting all over again, minus staying up late nights panicking because of assignment hand-ins, almost jabbing my eyes out.

There have been happy moments; tough moments, sad moments and moments we just felt like giving up. But I am so thankful that I got to meet all these amazing people which I will save a page (for each and every one of them) in my book of memories (my heart).


Although it is sad to see so many leave and sort of be left behind because I have yet another year to go, I am and will always be thankful I had an opportunity to share so many fun times with them and to truly experience what it is to grow up, with them. I will miss them all, but I wish them the best in life and want to remind them that I will be thinking of them wherever I am.

To those people in particular (whether you can see a pic of yourself or not),

Thanks for the memories :)