Saturday, June 11, 2011

My 'accidental Time capsule'

Have you ever accidentally lost something, thought it was perhaps gone forever and then ended up finding it several years later? That's exactly what happened to me today and it's seriously amazing how some of the things you come across takes you back to that specific time period of your life.

I am currently visiting my family in London and by coincidence (or maybe not, since what is meant to happen usually happens) my aunty told me about a bag containing all the stuff I had forgotten here ages ago that she had tucked away underneath a bed. Imagine my shock when I found my "secret" journal/diary of five years ago. It was funny and embarrassing reading through it, realising how much I've grown, how many guys never liked me in return (which is cool, because I really don't know what I saw in most of them..and it's nothing compared to the guys that did actually like me in return (>;<) and just how much I used to blabber on about everything and nothing.

From reading through most of the entries I must say I have honestly grown a lot in the past four to five years of my life. Of course people constantly grow and change, and I have changed in the sense that I only focus on one guy instead of millions and write with a sense of direction rather than all over the place, although my entries do come across as entries with no point or goal at times or all the time.

I recorded a lot of embarrassing moments (How could I ask a really cute guy to the cinema, which he said yes to, and forget to give him my number??????) as well as funny, sad and happy moments and I'm happy that I can look back and reminisce about how things used to be and think about the fact that I never wish to go back only forward, no matter how much I miss the past.

I wonder what it would have been like finding my 'accidental' time capsule ten years from the time I first 'lost' it; I suppose reading through it would be more embarrassing and sad (as in laaaameee) than what it is now. It's just really embarrassing thinking about the fact that I wrote most of those things, but then again truly a blessing to actually look at the progress I've made from then.

I wonder how many more people have either time capsules or accidental time capsules. It would have been fun to dig a hole for an actual time capsule and then dig it back up several years later, but I don't really have time for that and I'm so sure I wouldn't even be able to locate where I dug it down in the first place.