Thursday, June 16, 2011

Like a satellite.....

Back to nice guy/jerk preferences.

Although we never like to admit it, or I never like to admit it, I always end up with liking a jerk in disguise even though they at first appear to be a really nice guy. They will treat you nicely or smile at you until you have told them you like them or love them for that matter. Is is it an indicated trap: telling a guy you like/love him? Is that what indicates that you are officially underneath their thumb, which gives them the permission to treat you however the **CENSORED they like?

Girls aren't the only ones who will go out of their way to care for a guy, become a Satellite or gps tracker, even though they are the ones more likely to become either one of these. If a girl is constantly on your business it's because she actually LIKES you, not always because she is just desperate. Why do people want the opposite anyway? Why do they want people who will never care for them, never lead a proper conversation with them and never give a flying monkey where they are or how they are doing? What sort of relationship would that be?

Love and devotion seem like two similar things in some cases, like in relationships which have gone on for forever years. Sometimes it's not even about the amount of love one has for the other, but simply all of those 'wasted' years they spent building it when they could have been elsewhere!!!! You can't simply just step up and tell a hardworking woman that you want to end it. Who wants to have their pride thrown out the window just like that? I certainly don't.

Why is it that when a woman shows so much love and devotion that she is seen as either a pushover, a pestilence or something just utterly annoying for that matter? Why are men as well as women unable to detect genuine behaviour? Hence ending up with complete jerks (gold diggers, woman abusers, meterosexuals who only seem to care about themselves and their "shiny" reflection...or... or..****the list continues)

It's nice to say I'd rather have a guy who cares about all the BS that comes out of my mouth rather than having someone who regards silence as a better option. I'm not the brightest star in the sky, but I want someone who will think I am, and someone who will value my sincerity instead of disregard it.


Anyway....... What goes around comes around right? But I can completely see through a guy who only wants to please himself, guys who have no idea about what they are saying whilst they are feeding you with all kinds of bullcrap... which is exactly why they don't stand a chance.

I'm not one to write off a 'nice guy', but it has to be genuine nice behaviour, not just something which lasts a while and disappears once 'you've got what you came for'.  There's a reason why so many hold so tightly unto their cookies you know.

I've watched relationships rise, I've watched them fall, I've watched fools ask for my number one moment and then stroll off with some other chick the next, and if I can't tell a good guy once I see one by now, I am officially going a-sexual.

I guess everyone would want a relationship where they meet halfway, whether friendship or romance. No one wants to keep giving without being given, I guess that's just worldly standards. Hmm, then looking at it from a Christian perspective one should be nice to even their enemies, but I guess not to the point where you are seen as a doormat. We already have those, there's no need for humans to be doormats too.

No one is perfect of course, but it's not an impossible requirement to want someone who at least acknowledges and appreciates your presence, someone who cares about the things you say rather than what's underneath your clothes, who cares about your insides (not referring to internal organs) rather than your outsides (but doesn't meant that you should not care or let yourself go completely in the sense that you don't even take care of yourself anymore).

Is it a lot to ask for?????? Please tell me if it is... I would love to know. In the end.. What do you prefer.

A nice guy or a jerk?  take your pick.