Monday, June 27, 2011

Is love physical?

It's so cool to ask the same question one billion times and get so many different answers. Thinking to myself that I really wanted to know the answer to whether love is physical in the sense that one has to have bodily contact with the other person, see the other person or be near the other person in order to love them, I decided to see what other people's opinions of it would be.

I asked two girls and four boys the following questions.

1. Is love physical (e.g does love have to be seen to be felt) ?

2. Can a long distance relationship work?

3. On a scale of 1-5 (1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest) how important is sex in a relationship?

Each answer differed a lot from the next, and so it carried on. There were quite a lot of amazing answers and that kind of made me wonder whether I'd completely underestimated guys' ability of being ''emotional'' or expressing feelings through words. Most of the guys I asked ended up giving me a pretty huge chunk of their minds which I really appreciated.

On question number 3,  4/6  answered that sex is not as important as one would have it, but that it is a good way of expressing love and keeping the relationship at spark. 1/6 answered that sex is not important at all in a relationship where there is no marriage and lastly 1/6 thought it was a great necessity.

I had always thought that so many people regarded sex as a huge importance and it sort of bothered me a bit since I don't believe in sex before marriage. I would think that a guy would require that of you as soon as you had been in a relationship with him for a while, but it was great to know that although some believe it is fairly important, it does not come first for them in a relationship.  Pheewwww????? 

On question number 2. 5/6 believed a long distance relationship could work if effort was put into it from both sides while 1/6 did not believe a long distance relationship between two people could work out.

I did favour an answer for this particular question and it went something like this: Think of it as both of our eyes, they rarely see each other, but they work together as one.

From the first question I was amazed to find out how little physical presence was considered relevant for a relationship to function, to some. Before I had set out to ask these questions, I had always thought that when it came to a relationship women would be ones to put much more effort into a long distance relationship making it work and that as long as one was a guy it would never work. I was so surprised to learn otherwise. 

In all I was pleased to see things from different angles and from different points of views, knowing that one question does indeed have a million answers. 

I personally think that love does not have to be seen to be felt. People have different ways of expressing love, and to me, if love is what  people claim it is, it should be able to surpass time, space, places and distance with no problem.