Saturday, June 25, 2011

"Dry" jokes with painful silences...

Telling a joke of which people barely laugh, or no one laughs at all is so common it's almost become a bad habit. Am I guilty of telling bad jokes? Hmmm... (perhaps not jokes, but a funny story). Sometimes the reason for a funny joke coming out so badly is because

1. You've probably told it so many times even YOU are tired of hearing it.

2. You don't put in as much enthusiasm as you did when you first told it.

3. You don't really have faith in that the story is going to be funny, so give up half way and then try to convince people that it wasn't meant to be funny. 

There are so many moments I've found myself in situations where I rehearsed a funny story in my head and it was PERFECTO, but then when I would tell it, I would do so half heartedly and people would probably force a little laugh just because they felt sorry.. (EPIC FAIL!).....And then those LOUD CRICKETS that just won't SHUT UP!!!!

The best thing to do would be to relate your story to other people's stories or it will just end up not being funny simply because it has nothing to do with the previous story... especially if people have already laughed so hard they've started "crying" or "peeing/weeing" themselves.....don't even try to tell a story then, unless you are certain it will make people laugh even more :P.. 

Being funny is not my strongest side (telling jokes), but I'm good with phrases.. Heck I've even made up a couple of my own for mishearing things... Like SQUAZIBO... Oh yeah that was all me..and now most people use it to describe something cool... !!! (e.g. "That is so squazibo!"... Should it earn a place in the dictionary?.. )

If you're nervous, your story/joke is more likely to fail. Don't be tense, don't be too eager, just relax. Why am I even giving advice I can't follow??????

I usually get the best results when I'm super bubbly and I'm around people I feel comfortable with, then it feels I can take on the world and make absolutely everyone laugh.. but how often does that happen?... Ooo... and... I've learnt not to tell stories to people I've just met... they just won't understand and instead of catching on to the fact that you were trying to be funny they'll just end up thinking you're weird, which isn't all that bad, right? 

OOo.... I've embarrassed myself so many times that it's just normal. I don't go home and cry just because I failed to make someone laugh, although it is an accomplishment if I manage to make someone laugh or smile.  Falling over, accidentally farting in public, telling a bad story? .. Who hasn't been there? Or perhaps some people haven't (I salute you!), but it's all a part of life I suppose and the best thing is to embrace it and laugh at the silence afterwards. 

I and my friends often used to have moments where we deliberately told bad jokes and then we would wait for a few seconds of ''painful'' silence before everyone burst out in laughter from how DRRYYYYY the jokes really were..