Friday, May 27, 2011

49 Days (Korean Drama) synopsis/short review

What would you do if you all of a sudden 'died' and it had been brought to your attention that the only way you could live was to gather tear drops from three people (excluding your family members) who sincerely love you -- only to find out that no one is willing to cry for you?
  49 Days
Korean Drama series
Ji Hyun, one of the main characters in the above drama series (49 days), gets into a serious car accident, lands in a coma and becomes a 'wandering spirit'. She is given  approximately 49 days to gather tear drops from three people who sincerely love her. Along the journey of her quest, she finds out a lot of mind-blowing things, including the fact that the man she had planned to marry was having an affair with her best friend. He, along with her best friend had planned to bring down her father's company -- a part of their plan from the very beginning.

Even as a spirit, Ji Hyun's presence is felt as she is given a chance to 'borrow' the body of Song Yi Kyung -- the person who supposedly caused the horrible accident she had been a victim of -- in order to 'fix' things in her own life. She plans to stop her ex-fiancee and 'best friend' from succeeding with their evil plans of causing her father's company to go bankrupt, and to bring the people she cares about closer together.

In all, '49 days' is a brilliant drama series where a person learns what life would be like without her, how to bring her family together even in her absence, and how to make her absence speak volumes. Through borrowing Yi Kyung's body, she manages to accomplish many of her goals.

The drama series was like no other I have ever watched, and was mostly great because it did not end with a cliche pattern ('a happily ever after', as some would like to put it), but instead introduced a positive way of looking at life -- even though losing the ones we love can often be very hard. The drama seemed to convey the message of appreciation for every minute spent with those one loves, not just so they will miss you when you are gone, but so you can make a difference and leave a mark in their hearts forever.