Saturday, May 28, 2011

They call me 'Beauty'........

Sometimes I do get a bit worn out by the views of this so called 'world', 'their' obsession with countless treatments, cosmetics, plastic surgeries and facial lifts all for the cause of looking more 'beautiful' or younger. Whatever happened to natural remedies like EVO (extra virgin olive oil and lemons - to tighten the skin, fade unwanted lines and cause the skin's surface to look and feel smooth)?

There was a time when I used to have minor arguments with my mother about certain things, and we would carry on forever until her opinions all of a sudden, in some strange way, became mine. Although her intentions were good I cannot say the same for the media or the people who demean 'individuals' without even having met them, hypnotizing them into wanting the products they feel is good for the individual.

I must really applaud such brilliance, as nobody, since the time of Hitler, has succeeded in selfishly corrupting so many minds, from young to old.  Sadly, they start from the youngest, as they are the most vulnerable, with no opinion whatsoever; Tabula rasa's (blank slates) or empty vessels being injected with poison so they grow up to either self-hate or self harm.

Each day we are consumed by our horrible and greedy nature of consumerism. All we do is want, want, want and think of ways to get even more of what we already have or what we do not need. I have experimented with something as minor as 'tweezing'/plucking eyebrows; one is never truly satisfied until both eyebrows look completely identical/symmetrical and immaculate, although that never really happens no matter how much a person tries. You find an individual will keep plucking on something which was already looking nice, only to make it look even worse in the end.

A bit of a while ago I was in this huge discussion about 'plastic surgery' just because I had boldly chosen to express my distaste for it and how I would much rather have preferred it if plastic surgery had been invented purely for the cause of 'fixing' damages which had been caused by things like fire and not because someone would 'selfishly' like to spend above a million grand just to 'correct' their nose or inject something into their breasts because they want to, or feel that this would boost their confidence. In my opinion: so long as you are making a decision based on others' opinions of you, it is not your decision, but theirs.

If I were to change my hairstyle because someone had called my previous one 'ugly' it would not have been my own will to change it that had persuaded me, but the fact that they did not like my previous hairstyle.

If someone has had an influence on your choice, just know that it is not completely your choice then. That is why we choose to seek assistance when making a major decision, or seek advice from our group of friends when we are facing difficulties, only to view a situation from their stance.

If everyone is allowed to express their opinions of things I don't see why being against plastic surgery should be such a major issue to people. If you could proudly be pro-something then don't have a problem with people who are anti-something. In the same way I don't have a problem with people who choose to have plastic surgery performed on themselves. Nevertheless, I do not support the idea of 'plastic' on someone's body, and only wonder how people manage to live with themselves knowing that the buttocks they are sitting on is not really theirs, or the breasts they are carrying do not belong completely to them, but are a result of substitutes. In the long run there are so many things one has to be cautious of, like flying on aeroplanes with silicone implants etc.

To me Beauty is not perfection, it is not symmetrical, like Edler's bilateral symmetry study suggests, (look it up on google) hence the reason for why there used to be a variety of models in the modelling industry. It was due to fact that the modelling industry was looking for diversity rather than 'perfection', uniqueness rather than symmetry.

We are constantly driven by our greed to look like this and look like that that we cause all sorts of diseases to come upon us, i.e stress, depression etc. People who do not know the kind of damage their are causing individuals continue to look down upon them until those individuals, so immersed in their goals to look 'beautiful' and to 'fit in', decide it is of no use and commit suicide.

Have you ever called someone 'ugly' and they heard you... even though you had not meant for them to? Harshness concerning what you 'believe' is beauty does not always have to be expressed. If you feel a person is 'ugly', the whole world does not need to know about it, you could simply keep it to yourself. This way you will save a person from feeling miserable and possibly harming themselves, and also yourself being laughed at by another person who is perhaps thinking that "you are not so attractive yourself so why even bother talking?"

If a change is to arise, that change needs to start from the core of someone's heart, from the roots of their soul. Don't expect others to change if you have barely started. Don't expect others to look perfect if you do not. Don't judge others by the mere reception of their appearance; there is so much more to a person than what the naked eye can see.

If false beauty's ambition was to make people destroy themselves for its satisfaction, it has pretty much succeeded already.

I would much rather use a bit of make-up to cover up the things I view as 'imperfections' than change my whole appearance for the joy of another.

We have blindly embraced our 'false', 'negative' and 'depressing' misconceptions of splendour by referring to the 'cheap substitutes' of the world as 'beauty', all of which beauty's reply is: They call me 'Beauty', but I am truly conceit, selfishness, vanity, lies and self destruction.  - Chika Anene