Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Obesity and me? ...How?

When I was younger there must have been a trend amongst African parents about "body meat". The more meat you had on your body, the more you were liked by your elders. The women would often say things like "wow, that girl eats well, look at her figure, or "wow she is not as skinny as a toothpick," and I would notice how they would throw me concerned looks whenever they said things like this. 

As a child I never really ate much, and the fear of choking on my food was always present, seeing as it used to take me ages and ages to swallow just a bit of food, especially dried chicken. How I used to hate dried chicken because of the fact that it would make me spend half a day trying to swallow it.

My mother had always thought there was something wrong with me because I didn't "like" food; but when you are unknowing about certain things you will always express concern. It is normal for some children to be picky about food when they are young, that's just how it is, not everyone throws themselves over food at the beginning stages of their lives. 

Even long after my "disturbing" eating-habits had passed I still found people joking around about it. "Are you really going to eat that? Are you sure it's not too much for you.... "Nah... an "All you can eat" buffet? Chika won't eat that much, there's no point." 

The truth of the matter is that everyone has different size stomachs and some people can take in more than others. Mine was not made to take in past a certain amount because the width of it is quite tiny, so after a short while I'll be full. People never understood that logic and would constantly comfort themselves with the thought that there must be something wrong with me.

I also have a really high metabolism, meaning that I don't put on much weight no matter how much I eat. After eating it does not take much time before my stomach is completely flat again, and that's me, so for those people who are desperately waiting for me to add tons of weight, it most likely will never happen. Sorry to burst your bubble. 

Most times your weight really has nothing to do with how much you eat. We all have different body types and that's just the way it is. It's just funny that the same people who try to fatten you up are the same people who are eager to make you lose weight during later years. 

Just a few weeks ago, while I was still in Norway my mother had shuddered as we watched a programme about obesity and then she had turned to me saying "Thank God I stopped force-feeding you guys when you were growing up. Look at all the kids struggling with obesity today."  Gee.. uhm..thanks mom, I think?