Saturday, May 21, 2011

Making sexuality an identity...

Now I know a lot of people might hate me for this, but then again, this is just an opinion and not in any way intended to disgrace or demean anyone. I don't even think what I am about to write will come across as rude either, but I've had it on my mind for a long time and feel I should let it out.

I'm a member on this website called interpals and I find it strangely interesting that whenever I come across a person's profile (who happens to be either gay or bi) they always state their sexuality at the beginning of their introduction, and I always think, is it necessary to let the whole world know what you are? I mean, if you are gay  or whatever can't you at least wait until you get to know another person before you tell them?

It would be so awkward, again in my opinion, if whenever I met someone new I would say "Hi, I'm Chika, I'm a heterosexual." It just doesn't make sense, yet so many seem to be so proud of their sexuality, especially gay people, that they openly state it the minute they introduce themselves. At times it's a bit obvious what most people are, so there's no need for saying it.

Oh, by the way, for those who might think I have anything against gay people. Wrong! I have absolutely nothing against anyone, but just think it's a little bit weird to state one's sexuality right when you meet someone. I feel like it's the same as pouring out one's life story the second one makes a new friend. What else is left of that relationship if all secrets are bare on the the very first encounter?

Like I mentioned earlier, I did not write this to disgrace anyone or target anyone in particular, I just felt like writing it down because I have been wondering why people do that for sometime now.

The way I see it, sexuality is not what defines a person, their personality is....

OMG.. I can't believe I am still feeling sleepy after a large cup of cappuccino. Unbelievable. I should have it checked out I suppose.

And here I go again, writing another post when I am supposed to be revising, even though it's almost twelve and I am in need of sleep to have enough energy to revise tomorrow as well.