Thursday, May 19, 2011


I should perhaps win an award for laptop dropping. Just this morning I managed to drop my laptop about two times. Maybe it's just really slippery, although some people would actually claim that it's me who is clumsy. Either way I really can't see how it has managed to survive so many times. I feel so sorry for it.

When I had dropped it the first time I honestly thought I had learnt my lesson, but then I accidentally dropped it a second time, and this is like the sixth time it has dropped in three years. Is that a record or are there people out there who have never dropped their laptops?

Incidents leading to laptop drops:

Incident #1. Once when I accidentally tripped over the laptop wire and my laptop went crashing to the floor.
Incident #2. When I had put my laptop too close to the edge of my desk.
Incident #3. Yet another trip up. (Clumsy me)
Incident #4: Running to discharge my mobile phone from the socket and accidentally leaving my laptop too close to the edge of my bed. *Pang* on the floor.
Incident #5: Running to check on my food and tripping in the wire, bringing my laptop crashing to the floor once again. (tripping must be a trend or something)
Incident #6: Leaning towards the desk to check a message and leaving my laptop too close to the edge of my bed, bringing it crashing to the floor.

With this many incidents in which my laptop has crashed to the floor it should be seriously ill by now, but I thank God it isn't, because I still need it for at least another year. After that I was thinking about purchasing a new one for graduation or something like that; just as a present to myself for completing University.

I've had some really good times with this laptop and not once have I experienced any problems with it, such as overheating or it automatically switching itself off from overheating. Its been good to me although I can't say the same for myself. But I'll try to be better.