Monday, May 16, 2011

Isn't it just hilarious how fast people change their minds???.....

How awesome I find it laughing at people who can't make up their minds. First they loathe something and then they want it.

Take when I was a bit younger for example, people hated the huge phones or any phone that would take too much space, yet today you see people rushing to get all sorts of huge phones because they are "smart-phones"... what's the difference? They are still huge, just with more applications and colour...

When I was younger I wanted to buy this pair of shiny pants and my friends talked me out of it because they "wouldn't be caught dead" in them, then a few years later I wanted to strangle the heck outta them for even thinking about buying the same pair of pants they had been the ones to tell me was a no no just a few years back. Heck I should have just given a *CENSURED...

I never cared much about fashion, and I still don't really care much, but it's always nice to see what people put together and how imaginative people can be once you give them a set of clothes. 

Shopping was just not for me and I used to get easily bored and tired having to sit around and wait whilst my friends tried on heaps and heaps of clothing, never really being able to decide what colour dress to go for .... Being asked questions like "Should I try this one on or this one on?" I would often look at the person as if they were stupid  and think. Oh wait...they're both RED!!!...Who cares, just pick one. But having watched The Devil Wears Prada I should know that they're not just red and do absolutely not look the same. 

I was once told that anything a person puts together and wears is fashion, not just because there are certain "looks" out there, which is why I must have always been "in style", but just happened to be so during the wrong decade seeing as my mother always used to dress me in quirky clothing from the 80's (i.e blazers with shoulder pads) during the 90's and my peers always laughed at me, refusing to hang out with me.

Being so tall, I had no choice but to wear ankle-swingers during most of my childhood or clothes which made me look like I had landed on earth from a faraway place in space, so I really applaud Top Shop for even existing. There are still not many places which sell my size jeans. (length wise)

How happy I am that I never really cared much, that way I didn't have to empty out my parents account whenever I "needed" something that was supposedly "in fashion". I wore whatever I felt comfortable in, and up until this day I still do.

I say preserve every good thing because you never know when you might miss it.

Say cheese :D