Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hear nothing funny, see nothing funny, speak nothing funny....

I might be crazy or this has happened to more people than myself. But there are times when you sort of see a person with something that's not really supposed to be there, like spots(or zits as so many of you know them as)which are just there due to hormones or unclean skin, and you sort of catch yourself not purposely staring and thanking God that's not your face. However, you wake up the next morning with a load of fresh, volcano-sized zits growing on your face. (Can't relate? Well....then you're just lucky) 

I remember my first week at University like it was yesterday. I and a couple of my friends were hanging out in the school cafeteria when we turned and saw this cute looking guy (which is what we all thought at the time, until we realised his arrogance about two minutes into a conversation with him). Thinking I was doing my friend a favour, and with the boldness I had (I don't really know where my boldness used to come from, but wherever it came from must be a dried-out source now), I decided to introduce them and get them talking, but ended up doing all the talking in the end, and since he was one of those people who you have to drag a conversation out of I decided to just leave him alone on the note that we all thought he was cute. He must obviously have been a head-full of himself anyway because he responded like he already knew and was just waiting for us to say so. 

Whenever I and my friends would see him throughout the year I would say nasty things about him so we could feel better, and because I had noticed that his hairline started a bit far back on his head I used that for joking whenever he came up as a subject. One morning I woke up and looked in the mirror and it seemed to me like my hairline had started reseeding!! (Or perhaps it was just me getting overly paranoid)

I decided that I would never talk about other people in a degrading manner just because they thought too much of themselves, especially not people with reseeding hairlines, in case it so happened that my hairline would completely disappear. Well, my hair seems to be growing back in places I felt it had disappeared and I don't have a case of thin hair so that's nothing that a bit of healthy food and excercise can't fix. 

So for people like my little sister who have a tendency to point out how huge someone's front teeth look, be careful because it might just be you waking up with teeth as "huge as buckets" the next day. or with your front teeth knocked out.. (... Oh.. not that I think anyone in particular has front teeth as "huge as buckets" my opinion all people are made beautiful and special..)