Saturday, May 14, 2011

Embracing my Africa!

Today I did a twist out and was happy to discover that my hair has grown a lot thicker and longer since the last time I did a twist out, which is quite sometime ago due to the fact that I ran out of leavin-in conditioner while I was in Norway and had to wait until I got back to England because it is a lot cheaper to buy hair products here.

Since I have already started my hair journey, I am not planning on stopping for anyone. I am absolutely loving the results, and from having no absolute idea about hair to begin with I am happy that I know a lot more about my hair now than what I started off with.  I honestly cannot wait to see further results; I'm super excited, although I am yet to learn how to do more protective hairstyles.

In the meantime, I will link you to a blog I follow with a post of beautiful natural hair rocking women :D.... OMG... I think I'm obsessed with natural hair!!!...I just love big, fluffy, bouncy curls. I'm a major fan of huge hair :P... perhaps someday, with great effort, I can achieve bra strap length. (My hair once used to be past my shoulders until I started putting too much products in it) .. Wish me luck. :D

Here's the link to the post  Natural  Belle