Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Google's tribute to Martha Graham

One thing I love about Google is that they are always creative with their front page whenever they are marking a big event or a tribute to someone who has left a mark in history. I was amazed by the dancing character taking form and evolving into "different people" doing different poses across my computer screen this morning.

I would have absolutely loved to work for Google as a "creative front page designer". It seems like a fun job being able to doodle the front page every once in a while, and I would have no trouble with it as I consider myself to be a good artist, although not "perfect", if there is any such thing.

The first thing I did once I had seen the front page was make sure my friend, who used to be a contemporary dancer, could see Google's awesome creativity for today, so I posted the link on her facebook.

If I'm lucky that will be the first thing she checks once she's signed unto facebook :P....

Well, I woke up early today to finish an assignment so I'd better get back to it.