Thursday, May 12, 2011

Getting started on a project is so easy... however, finishing it is not :(

I've been convincing myself for so long that I am doing good with my book projects, but truth is that I am not doing them at all. I have been so 'busy' with University work (or perhaps that's just an excuse to make it seem like I'm actually working on something that demands my time) that I haven't been able to do most of the things I have wanted to, like learn more Korean and start Japanese and of course continue working on my longest novel project Clara Clementine. 

When I think about it I really do wonder why I decided to call it Clara Clementine to begin with. I think it was a cross between Clara the cow (whoever that is) and a day when I was peeling myself a Clementine to eat and suddenly thought 'Wow, brilliant idea. I'll start a book project and name it Clara Clementine."

Perhaps if I manage time properly I'll be able to do the things I want the most. Can I revise for my exam and learn Korean as well as carry on writing my novel? Only time will tell, right?

Here's a brilliant idea I got for two short paragraphs to add to my sad project:

She felt her insides bursting with pleasure as she repeated to herself yet again that she had gotten the job. There were no words to describe how she felt at that particular moment, although she could have easily compared it to a beautiful moment of a flower blooming, a sea of clouds passing, a baby breathing its first breath, a bubblegum bursting, a sea of raindrops, a moment of silence, a-‘ Her thoughts had been abruptly interrupted by her friend who had tugged so hard on her shirt she had accidentally ripped the hem of it.

“I’m so sorry Clara, but get a grip of yourself; I’ve been trying to tell you to stop screaming for the past minute or so.”
As Clara looked around them and realized everyone in the room was staring she felt momentarily embarrassed, yet overly happy at the same time.
“You know how long I’ve waited for this Aerendil. I couldn’t help myself, and you owe me a new shirt.”
“Yeah, I’m really sorry about that Clara,” Aerendil gave Clara’s shirt a quick apologetic look before carrying on, “However, this causes for a huge celebration, don’t you think?"