Monday, May 2, 2011

Don't you just hate it when...

1. You're reading a book and the author expects you to understand something written in a foreign language, and you have to keep putting the book down just to find out what the heck the words mean? I used to get so annoyed before as it's not so hard writing the meaning of words in brackets. It could save a person so much time, I'm not even kidding.

(I've gotten past the stage as a young girl where I constantly had to look up words in the dictionary whenever I was reading a book in which the author had chosen to use overbearing, complex words. Now my friends complain that I often use overbearing, complex words whenever I am talking or writing.... I don't think I do at least. I write in a very informal manner, not using ambiguous words, in my opinion....)

2. When you get on a bus and an old woman clutches unto her bag as if you're about to steal it, although she can clearly see you're wearing your own bag (which in fact looks a lot classier) and don't give a sh** about hers.

3. When you're always late for a bus and the one time you're actually on time the bus has left already.

5. When someone tells you to do something even though you were just about to do it. Like when I'm on my way to take out the trash and my mom goes "Please don't forget to take out the trash.." ... Uhh.. yeah.. I was just about to!!!!

6.  When you've just put your head down on the pillow and barely managed to go to sleep and the **CENSURED alarm clock goes off!

7. When you're out of groceries and too tired to go to the store so you starve instead.

8.  When you're looking forward to coming home and munching that delicious looking chocolate cake, but discover it's gone as soon as you open the fridge.  (Aiischhh...Who the heck ate it?!?!?!?)

9.  When you've spent so much time writing a perfect piece that almost brings tears to your eyes and your computer shuts down for no apparent reason, causing you to lose all your unsaved work.

10.  When you have been waiting for something to arrive in the mail and it comes right after you have left. ....

11. When a person keeps cutting you off mid-sentence all the time.... (Yeah.. I get that you get what I'm trying to say, but could you just CENSURED***  let me finish?!?!?!?!?!)... and then they carry on like it was them who started talking about it in the first place.

12. When you're standing on a stage in front of a crowd of people, stating your opinion about a certain issue, and they all agree with you up to a certain point and realise that they don't actually agree with what you're saying then there's this incredible silence before they boo you off stage! (that's actually happened to me once... unfortunately)

(...) Hmmm..I'll leave it at that..before I go mad with things I just haaateee...