Monday, May 23, 2011

Brainstorming and its effectiveness + useful exam revision tips

For the past few days I had been spending my time wallowing around in pain from ---------- cramps...and I must say it pretty much distracted me from the work load I had yet to complete, so instead of sitting up, hurting, I decided to take naps, which is what I have been doing for the past couple of days (so annoying). But I thought to myself that enough was enough and decided to wake up this morning and use the living room as a 'study-hall' as I and my friend never really sit down here unless we are eating dinner or breakfast together, or cooking. She had suggested we sit here and study one day, but I had said that I didn't want to, which was a big mistake as I realize the effectiveness of sitting here now.

The best thing about sitting down here is the fact that I can't see my bed and therefore don't have urges to lie down and sleep. It has also helped me be more effective with my reading and research, and I can't forget to mention that although I used to undermine the usefulness off Brainstorming maps, I now understand just how amazing they are. Yesssirreee!!!

Well, I figured since I know there are a lot of other people who are perhaps struggling with retaining the things they have read that I would share a few tips I found while I was searching online.

1. Brainstorming (I would definitely recommend this as you will absolutely surprise yourself with just how much you know about a subject as soon as you get to writing down key words etc) using pictures, loads of colours and of course words.

2. Using colours to underline important studies, places or phrases, including setting up a glossary of complex words.

3. For those of you who like music and are otherwise good at remembering lyrics....Making songs (I can say that because I'm a great fan of singing, I have been making songs so I can remember things better, and it actually works amazingly for me.)

4. Don't think about the fact that you want to pass or that you're 'going to' fail, but just read for understanding and educate yourself about certain subjects, it takes the pressure off your preparation and makes you relax just a little bit more.

Anyway. Before I babble anymore I will just link to a website I found which suggests different ways of retaining information one has read in order to perform better on exams.

For those of you who are preparing yourselves for exams, I wish you all the best. Remember, relax, you can do it! (oh..myself included)

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