Saturday, May 21, 2011

Black women unattractive? (You're going to have to sit down for this one)

The demeaning of others in turn for one's own glory

Quite shockinlgy, or not, as I was revising for my exam and the topic on stereotypes came up, I was immediately grabbed by some of the "foolish" things I discovered used to be people's mode of thinking a few centuries back.  Not only did that motivate me to write a blog post about my fury, but also a newly bred statement made by a psychologist about how black women are the most unattractive race.

Firstly, let's take into account what the word 'stereotypes' actually represents. 

  •  is a way to deal with instabilties arising from the decision between self and non-self and preserving an illusion of control and order." (Bronfen 1992:182)
  • based on myths --> rhetorical strategy of exclusion for the purpose of a collective unified identity = Social exorcism (Pickering, 2001) e.g representation of race, gender and sexuality. 
The aim is to de-humanise the "other" (said race or people with abnormal sexual identities) by stripping it of its human properties.

At some point in time.. 'black'.. people were seen as a threat to the 'white'... society. (2001:70)

If you ask me, why would anything/anyone be a threat unless there is some kind of explenation behind it? If, at the time, westerners did not feel that another race could overtake them, why were black people barred from learning anything during the times when they were TAKEN from their own continent to work as 'slaves' in the Western world? Black people had to sneak off to "pit-schools" (usually underground) in order to be able to be taught different subjects such as history, language etc. 

I'll answer that... It was feared that, if black people acquired knowledge, they would figure out a way to be in control of their own lives and probably protest against the way they were being treated. Of course, westerners did not like the idea of that. It makes sense that, "The primitive 'black' other was relegated to 'infantility' (acting childish) on an evolutionary scale whereas the 'white man' was on the other side of the scale in a position of rational enlightened maturity." (2001:122)

If black people are soooo stupid, why was the most complex mathematical system invented and used by the Yoruba people thousands of years ago, and even today, which is said would baffle most mathematicians. (

The Egyptians (originally Black) were known to build the most symmetrical monuments (e.g pyramids), which can't even be achieved in the West today, as there are many unstable/unsymmetrical buildings, especially British houses (sorry to mention).
It really baffles me that the African world was referred to as the 'banana republic', representing how the Western world used to be before it became developed, when we had our own world running before any interference.

One professor of anthropology and engineering announced to the world that Africans living on the western shores of Lake Victoria in Tanzania had produced carbon steel for centuries. An astronomical observatory which was uncovered in Kenya was dated 300 years BC. The Dogon people in the highlands of Mali have known and understood the Sirius star system for centuries, and were aware of the small dark star Sirius B (invisible to the naked eye) which orbits Sirius A every 60 years. (

I do not see what is so unattractive about the black race in comparison to other races here on earth, when we are all equally human. If anything, I believe our skin colour, at most, is very desirable (seeing as we were born with the golden tone so many do fake-tanning to achieve), our hair diverse, and our culture richly filled with treasures deeply sought for.

Funny enough the reported article about 'black women being the most unattractive race had a photo of Kelly Rowland (former Destiny's child singer) up. Come on now. Seriously???? 

To reach a conclusion. Black is Beautiful and as far as I'm concerned, there need to be no facts presented to prove that. Full stop.