Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What is a "typical black person" supposed to look like?

As I am one of those people who usually gets fired up (although I have learnt to ignore them, because there are simply too many of those ignorant comments floating around on Youtube) because of silly comments like "Yes that person is black but they don't have the typical African features", I really am so curious as to what typical black features really are. Somebody please elaborate!!!

I am even more sick and tired of people who have generated their own understanding about how certain people are supposed to look. For those of them who are not aware of what that type of thinking is called, it is referred to as heuristics and only stands out in human beings too lazy to do research or too afraid to familiarise themselves with different people and cultures.

Something else which makes me sick and tired is ignorant people who pretend they have never heard of the word "variety" or "different". No black person out there looks exactly the same as the next person, no matter how similar they look. People come in different shapes and sizes, not to mention when people speak of "nappy" hair(Nappy hair was originally a term used for the degrading of black people's hair in reference to tight curls). Are they even aware that as our fingerprints are completely different so is the texture of our hair? It doesn't matter how similar hair types may look.

No two people in this world have the same hair type even though the texture of their hair would appear to look the same to the naked eye. The same goes for appearance. There are so many different type of people out there that it would be almost pathetic to start generalising and deciding what certain people should look like. Having similar features don't make people the same. I'll let this video do the talking.