Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal wedding and my life as a single girl (...possibly forever)

I decided to check in on the Royal wedding via a Norwegian web newspaper and am now watching it live... (although I'm not sure if it's live anymore, seeing as the web TV has proven to be a bit slow and stops every now and again, but so far it has behaved itself).

Loads of different colours can be spotted as all kinds of women, elegantly dressed with a variety of hats on their heads, step into the famous church in Westminster Abbey.  I even start to feel a pinch of pressure as the "pain" of reality reminds me that I'm unfortunately single and that almost all my friends are engaged, possibly to people they will end up spending the rest of their lives with. Am I sad? Maybe? I'm just patiently waiting for the clock so I can make my way to the library in search of a book I need for one of my assignments. So far I have no idea what I'm doing and only hope to God that that will change. I feel as though I am on the right track either way.

My friend just came back from France and I was so happy to see her, after having spent time in the house by myself for two days. She bought me a really pretty bracelet that I wish to never take off.

:) Maybe I'm not so "miserable" after all. Now I have something to look forward to everyday until I leave for Norway again.  Oh.. She's coming with me :D Wohooo. At least I don't feel like Bridget Jones, scared of ending up old and alone and finally being eaten by a Schafer dog.

I'll just carry on watching the royal wedding live. I decided to follow it from a British channel since the connection is a lot better there.