Thursday, April 28, 2011

Myself and hungry...

I'm back in Bournemouth, it's hot outside, cold inside, I'm freezing for some reason I can't seem to understand, I can't feel my toes, I'm hungry but too tired to go to the shop and buy groceries and I miss my family :(. The problem with being a student is not being able to look forward to a freshly cooked meal once one has been out travelling and is back home. I wish I could just snap my fingers and have all of the things I am hungry for right in front of me. At the same time I am dying to eat junk food, which is not at all a good thought.

I should be thinking:

Lean meat
Seeds (instead of nuts, because I'm damn allergic...doesn't really matter anyway. Don't think I would have liked them either way)
Dairy products (does that include ice cream? Or is it just me being greedy?)


  • grapes
  • strawberries, blueberries, blackberries (all types of berries) 
  •  Spinach
  • Broccoli 
  • Cauliflower
  • Cabage
  • Sweet potatoes 
  • Carrots 
I'm not on a weight loss diet.. If I was it would just end up draining me of life and making me look like a dried out grape found in the desert, seeing as everyone thinks I'm too "skinny" anyway. I'm on a hair diet, whereby the above named products are supposed to contribute to  faster hair growth (on my head of course).. I can't complain really, but being healthy is so expensive. I wish the price of whatever products causing early deaths wouldn't keep being reduced whilst the cost of those things which are supposed to be good for us keep getting higher. 

Any plans of reducing the population by millions each year sure is going well.... 

Despite not being able to feel my toes, freezing half to death (exaggerating a little I guess), missing my family and being super hungry, I am going to overcome my tiredness and step out to the shop in order to buy groceries that might save me from dying early.  

Another thing that annoys me (which I coincidentally just thought of)...although I should stop babbling already, is the terrible association people tie to Africa. I can't remember when I opened a dictionary last and the definition for poverty or hunger had Africa in it. I hate it when people associate poverty and hunger with Africa, as if it is the only place where people are hungry or where there is poverty. It can be found all over the world. What's up with the promotion of Africa as the only place where people suffer? I'm always baffled each time I meet a human being who can't believe there are actually mansions and riches in Africa. The media is responsible for what most of them already know, and it's not all that good as the media are good at telling lies most of the time or leading people astray with one truth and a thousand lies. 

Okay... I'm done..

Will be stepping out now.  OOoo..Now that I think about it, I feel like baking something.