Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Making some changes.

The hardest and yet most constant thing in this world is change. I used to hate it, but now I see that there are not only negative sides to change, but also good sides. There are sides of it which are actually beneficial for learning and growing. If there was never change, we would never learn, even from mistakes.

As change has caused me to realise that I haven't exactly been the most healthy person in the world, I've decided to make some changes in my daily routines, such as what I eat (not how much I eat..... hah... as if I've ever paid attention to that) and the amount of excercise I do, apart from walking to University every morning, which takes about 15-20 minutes depending on how fast I am walking.

I can't change others or situations and circumstances around myself if I can't change from within first. Change always starts with an individual, and I have been taking too much time for granted, so here's what I want to do with my life if I live to see the rest of it.

1. Stop spending money on unnecessary things (even though I can't really remember when I last did that, since all the things I've ever spent my money on have come in handy) and being attracted to adverts like "75 % off laser hair removal" when I know don't even need it(???) and that it's only because it's a habit to fall for sales.

2. Stop craving chocolate and banana snacks (it doesn't make sense that I don't react to banana snacks though... because I'm allergic to banana :s) all the time, and crisps/chips etc whenever I come to Norway. It makes me spend unnecessary amounts of money.

3. Stop eating and drinking stuff that contains too much sugar. I had my blood sugar measured and my mom thinks it's too high for someone my age, although I don't have diabetes.

4. Stop procrastinating. Procrastination used to be my best friend. But who in the world would want to be a friend of procrastination?????? It doesn't make sense.. (Oh, and laziness is procrastination's fraternal twin....which is sometimes an issues as well).

5. Although I have really spent too long not writing my assignment (start writinnnnnnggggg iiiiittt!!!!)

6. Go for walks or jogs in the morning before Uni, depending on how early lectures are/start.  (Oh.. and no more skipping important lectures for the sake of spending time at home sleeping... zZzzz)

7. Swim in summer. (ahhhh... water used to be my enemy. So weird how things change; I have been craving for swims all year long.)

8. Keep looking for part time jobs.

10. Hair growth regimes (taking care of it and eating the necessary foods to keep it healthy.... yoghurt, dairy products, beans, eggs, broccoli, spinach, cabbage, carrots  and berries.... looooads of berries.)

11. Stop making promises I know I can't keep (and also trying to get out of meeting up with friends just because I feel "too tired".

12. Stop holding off my assignments when I know their due dates are really close.

13. Read more! Read more! Read more! (I am doing pretty well with Bridget Jones' diary at the moment)

14.. .. A point fourteen just for the sake of it.... (13 is bad luck for some people ;)....Oh.. I realised I do have something to add after all. Carry on learning Korean and Japanese (and stop holding them offfffff because of "being busy" with other things!!! I wonder what I look at as being busy.)

15. Hmmm.. funny how when you stop writing a list, all the points that you wish to write down suddenly pop up. ..... Create a budget for the upcoming months as economy is a little tight. (Perhaps not all that tight, but can't misuse it just because it's not)

It's not a pretty long list, but it would be hard to change in the course of a day. I'm just tired of wasting moments of my life because I am "too tired", "too scared" or "too lazy" to do something. It's all gotta stoppppp! (Although I don't really fear things these days. It's more the issues of laziness and procrastination that bugs me) ....