Friday, April 29, 2011

Getting marriieddd!!!!

I am really starting  to wonder about what is going on around me. Did I miss something? Is there something I'm not getting? I'm not annoyed that I might perhaps be the last person on earth not to have gotten engaged at my age, but seriously what's the rush??? It seems everyone is either having a baby, engaged or at least in a relationship (...expecting to get married) There really must be some kind of love syndrome going around that I wasn't aware of.

In march so many of the people I knew were getting into relationships or suddenly getting engaged. It made me feel old, although I know I am far from it. I'm just 21. At times I feel young and other times I feel horribly old, like I'm just an old soul trapped in a young body. Hmmm...let me rephrase that... living in a young body is more like it.

At least four of my friends have already had babies or are expecting babies, six of my friends engaged to be married, three married, three in a relationship, and two of them single, including myself as a third wheel.. What is going on?????

I'm not in anyway in a rush to get married or to get into a relationship, but it sort of makes me a bit envious when I hear of people who are hitched already. It makes me think I'm not really twenty-one, but perhaps a lot older than that and I was just lied to about my age. I could almost swear on spotting a few wrinkles when I smile. Perhaps I'm just getting really paranoid.

So far I am liking being able to think about myself most of the time, not having to worry about the pressure of having to marry someone from my own country or village for that matter. (My father is a terrible nationalist) That time has not yet come, although I find people are still curious about who it is I will end up, asking me about it (like I have a clue about my future... Hmph...).

I'd rather be old and miserable than not being able to marry the person of my choice. Imagine that in itself. I'd probably end up shooting myself. (Not literally) I don't believe in arranged marriages either, even though some of them have been successful. I can't stand people thinking love must be fixed. According to Brandy "love is a natural disaster" which can't be prevented from happening, so who is to say who should love who?

Some say you should sit around for your prince to come and others say go out there and find him. I say I am not afraid to become a 2nd Susan Boyle, unmarried and unkissed....and **CENSURED. (Well, I've been kissed *several times*, so I don't mind about that part...)

Perhaps it's a good thing I have not yet been hitched, come home and given my parents heart attacks. They weren't so supportive of my last boyfriend, who is a Korean, but that's something I would like to see them get used to, because once I've found the one I won't care where he's from. He could be from outer space for all I care.... (... well.. in all honesty... not really, but you get my point?)

Better get back to my assignments. Wish me luck x x x