Thursday, April 21, 2011

A little bit of everything (..going on inside my head)?

I must say I was completely blown away when I discovered that, a Norwegian online newspaper, had done a review on a Korean movie!!!!!! :O  That, I think, might be the first time ever something so "absurd" has happened. I'd never imagine that happening in a million light years, just like I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a missed/declined call from my ex-boyfriend on Skype yesterday. (He had thought I was not picking up on purpose, although I had let a family friend use my laptop and she must have been distracted seeing his call and then ignored it..... and I had wondered what the darn it was he had wanted to talk about anyway).

Well, for those of you who do understand Norwegian, the link to the film review is on this page Castaway on the Moon (Kimissi Pyoryugi).  The reason I am shocked and so taken aback is because I don't imagine Norwegians being so interested in other cultures, other than their own???? (only a minority of them? I mean, a majority of Norwegians don't even understand or can't even speak English....if one gives it a thought.)

Now that I think about it, guys are such weird creatures, claiming they are not complex at all when, in fact, they are. They are just so confusing altogether, sometimes never knowing exactly what they want. Why do some of them love to be ignored and only contact you once you don't give 2 flying ***CENSURED about them? (Well.... ... when you care, but don't call them at least), it's only then they realise that they must have lost something good. It's either that or he called just to tell me he's engaged or something. (Wouldn't that be a bummer? :S)... I read it in Bridget Jones' diary and it's so trueeeee and so annoying!!! (well.... not the part about him being engaged... but you know...)

So my friend invited me to her sister's wedding, which is in three days....hmm 2 to be exact, and I don't even know where it is going to be held.... and what in the world should I wear?????

..Oh..and although I was only reading Bridget Jones for the sake of an assignment, I must say that I have come to love it to biiiiitssss. I had actually planned on reading it earlier, but had never found the time. And then the "dumbest" thing I might have gone and done was buy The Time Traveller's wife for 9 pounds when I know I could've gotten it for a lot cheaper in England (total breach of point 1. in my previous post). But I couldn't wait, and I need it for an assignment. However, I am so looking forward to it as the woman in the library (who I noticed was pregnant as well :) where I went to find the book at first told me it was an awesome book and that I'd most likely love it.