Sunday, March 20, 2011

When I fall in will be forever

One of the most beautiful things I can come up with is growing old with the one person you love; experiencing hardships together, learning together and from each other and really understanding what love is and what people who love each other are really capable of doing for love. 

I do believe love exists, or families would not have been around today, neither would sacrifices done with respect and love for another person. Yes there are those families where love does not exist, where the most important things are competition, power and money, but I do not look at those families/relationships as an example. 

I was thinking I'd never come to care so much for another human being that I'd be willing to sacrifice for them, to think and worry about them to the point of exhaustion, to always want them to be well and happy, even if their happiness did not include me and to always remember to keep them in my prayers.

I never did think that there would ever be someone whom my future thoughts would involve, with whom in my future I had married and set up a family with.  

Love is not about getting bored with people or wanting to experience something new. I wonder if anyone has ever had a passion which they live with throughout their whole life, never once letting it die or become unimportant to them. If there is such a thing, then surely the same thing exists when you love someone.

...You can never get tired of that person, and each day you have a new reason to love them. 

There was a time when I was so passionate about writing that I would simply ignore the world outside to have time for myself and writing; these days it seems as though it is completely gone, but I still do love writing, and when it seems I have forgotten it there is always something there to remind me of it and why I love it so much. Never once have I stopped loving writing. It is a part of me.

If love did not exist I am sure that we would never risk anything for our family members or friends or a significant other, we would never care if anything happened to them or not. We would simply just care about ourselves. 

Although I am incapable of loving truly unconditionally, I feel like I have come to a point where I understand much more what love is. It certainly is not,  like I used to think, some chemical reaction/attraction between two people which causes them to be drawn to each other.

When you love you cannot live without; it becomes a part of you just like air is a part of your lungs, and without it you would suffocate. It might sound cliché, but in the end it really isn't.

For whatever reason, we love because it is the very foundation of our existence, for which we live and breathe....To me, we do not love to live, we live to love and so love becomes one of the most important elements or our existence and also the reason for which without we are nothing. 

When I fall in Love, it will be forever...