Saturday, March 5, 2011

What type of girlfriend would I be?

I used to walk around constantly thinking about what type of boyfriend I would end up with; I never really gave myself and what type of girlfriend I would be much thought, but it's funny just assessing myself when there's not much to do.
Lately I don't really know where that writer's zeal has gone; it seems it climbed out of the window for a bit, so instead of leaving my blog completely empty, I am inviting you for a tour inside my mind. ^^

                       1. I consider myself to be really fragile, so as I easily used to fall in love I also easily break. If I were a product, the box containing me upon my arrival would probably read handle with utmost care.

2. I am a very emotional person, so if my boyfriend did something to really impress me, or said something really deep, it might actually make me shed a tear or too. (Not exaggerating)

3. I can be very possessive (I have always been a person wanting to claim what "belongs to me"...that includes getting jealous if anyone so much as flirts with him and he gives the impression that he likes it)

4. I don't like arguing and would at most times avoid it, but if I see something worth arguing about, I will argue.

5. I have always wanted to take care of my boyfriend, so I'll most likely enjoy packing him lunch or baking cupcakes or cookies for him; (including taking care of him when he is sick)

6. I would not say I am clingy, but I do prefer being held by my boyfriend, and also being able to lay on his lap whilst watching a movie, or him stroking my hair (ah...I've always been a fan of hair stroking. Since I was a child really. It feels sooo nice) 

7. If he has hurt me, I will let him know.

8. I will do whatever I can to put a smile on his face.

9. I will always listen to him when he has something to tell me.

10. If he has a problem  I want to be the one to find a solution to it. 

11. I will want to hold hands in public. 

12. I will be sure to let him know how much he means to me every chance I get.

13. I'll do my best to be a good girlfriend.