Thursday, March 17, 2011


For a few days now I have sort of been going back in time, reminiscing about times from my childhood. Rugrats is one of the cartoon series which reminds me so much of my carefree childhood, although I can't really remember being sooooo young when I first started watching Rugrats.

During my childhood my mother would often send me off to England for a few weeks, she did this so that my English could improve, and it definitely did; so, every Easter, Summer and Christmas I would stay with my family in London and would often, especially during summer when my cousins still had to go to school because I would finish a lot earlier than them, I would lie on the couch in my aunty's sitting room and watch Rugrats in the mornings. It was always really fun watching marathons of it.

Because I have been having many sleepless nights I had started watching Rugrats to lull me to sleep. It's actually funny and makes one forget the things which are sad. Not being able to cope with my thoughts I have had to constantly surround myself with positive things which would make me get my mind off the negatives. It really is not easy, but everything comes one day at a time.

It certainly is not better that I have a major assignment hand in soon and feel like I am losing my head. With so many negativities surrounding a person, one always wonders whether things will ever get better or how to cope with them. Hopefully I will get through this fine as well.

I have not yet heard from my friend who lives in Sendai, Japan to know whether he is okay or not. It really bothers me that I do not know and that I cannot confirm his safety. But somewhere deep down I keep hoping that he's okay and that he can contact me one of these days to tell me that he is okay and that nothing has happened to him.

He really likes Auroras (Northern Lights) and I had been telling him that he should definitely come back to Norway for a visit so that we can see them together. I really do hope we get the chance to do that. I never really gave Northern Lights much thought, but he made me develop a new fascination for them as he even explained to me how they are developed/created.

Even though it's hard all I can really be is positive, because if I am not then the worst might actually happen. I can only hope that he is alive and safe, despite the fact that I have not heard from him and not been able to get in contact with him. Besides, a lot of people have been very encouraging (e.g e-mails, kind words) and have given a lot of support. I just want to express my gratitude to you all for making me feel a lot better :)