Friday, April 1, 2011

Back to writing :)

After completing a terribly long and dreadful assignment I feel I can finally relax for a little bit and focus on other things. So, apparently the reason I have been gone for so long is because I have made myself think of far too many things, however, I won't be focusing on those things anymore.

A lot of my friends knew I was working on completing a novel I started writing from I was 19 I think, and since I now have "more time" on my hands it seems I am able to resume back to writer's mode.

There have been moments when I have gone back and changed a lot of what I have written because I had not been happy with it, and growing older and being exposed to more material makes you realise the errors you have once made. As we grow and change, so does our writing. It is actually quite funny looking back at some of the things I wrote when I was younger, it just makes me realise how much change I  have actually gone through.

I have always loved literature and find it quite awesome that I am able to choose from reading all kinds of books. My favourite place in the world (call me a weirdo if you like) is quite frankly, the library and my dream of one day owning my own library is still pretty much alive.

Basically my daily life consists of spending as much time as possible around my parents and my siblings. After being away from them for so many months I really appreciate being back with them.

Hmm.. I wonder if I will ever be able to see one of my books in a book store someday. I am working towards that, but it seems I am in need of more determination and a lot more discipline than what I have currently been giving myself. I am working on quite a tight schedule.

I guess whoever strives, succeeds.