Sunday, March 6, 2011

Light vs Dark, Civilised vs Uncivilised?

It seems to me that most people are still living in a modernist society, whereby their thoughts and actions are programmed by the things of the past, the media or simply just heuristics. My friend told me about a discussion she was in where the person whom she was having a discussion with had expressed that he thought lighter people had a better chance of making it in life than what darker people would have.

Come on? Seriously? And what century is this guy possibly living in?

I am not ignorant and of course I know that there are still people out there who believe that lighter skin colours are much better than darker and also more preferred, however, we can't base a belief held by minorities on the actual way the world is functioning today in comparison to how things were many years ago.

Ever since people from the west "discovered" Africa they thought the African civilisation to be odd and uncivilised. Everything from the way they ate to the way they dressed was simply too simplistic and  barbaric for western people who were used to dressing in high hats, huge boots, long beige coats (much like they were getting ready for war) and eating with a knife and fork. If you ask me, if I were to have lived back then, I'd prefer to live a simplistic life whereby I would be viewed as uncivilised. A simple life is all I have ever wanted.

Because African people then preferred to eat with their hands they were referred to as barbaric and uncivilised, yet still today most people choose to stick to that belief. What do we call people who choose to eat a hamburger, pizza, fries, crisps (chips) bread, wraps or hot dogs (sausages) with their hands? I would certainly not pack a knife and work with me everywhere I went. Could you imagine sitting there with a knife and fork ready to dig into a crisp packet?  *Pathetic*

The way I see it, even though it is hard being of African descent  in society today, I am too proud of my heritage to want to say that that makes life impossible for me to live. Yes there are setbacks, but there are several advantages and more positive than negative things. I do not believe in when it all comes down to personality, intelligence and capability, that people would make choices based on whether a person was lighter or darker, because if it is so, then 'stupid' has formed a whole new era.

Imagine having someone who is clearly a superhuman when given any task, can do anything at any rate and has a to-die-for personality which would make anyone 'fall for them' any day; do you mean to tell me that a person who has none of these qualities would be considered first?

The drive a human being has, their thirst for knowledge, their constant search of the truth and their push towards achieving is what determines how far they will get, not necessarily whether they are light or dark. Acceptance in society has nothing to do with what you are at the end of the day.  You are who you are and whether people like you or not, you should keep shining. :)

(I have been trying to enforce the fact that my hair is kinky and beautiful at the same time so people will learn to accept it. Why conform to unnatural hair  because I am afraid to show who I am, in order to hide behind something I'm not? Don't get me wrong here. In no way am I saying that all people who wear extensions in their hair or who relax their hair are afraid of showing their true identity...I'm just saying that if that is the case, then they should stop altogether)

So, to answer the question, do I think lighter people are more privileged or have a greater chance at getting further in life simply because of the tone of their skin? Absolutely not. If you have no drive, no intelligence, no will for life and no thirst for knowledge, you won't be getting far.