Sunday, March 27, 2011

Is fame really everything...and how far are people willing to go to get it?

When I was a little girl all I ever dreamt about was to meet my favourite artists, hang out with them and live the life they were living. I had thought it was all about "glitz and glam" and that I would not have a care in the world if I was liked and adored by a lot of people.

We all go through a period in life where we believe or think that the grass is greener on the other side, a time where we'd probably do anything to get to that grass and perhaps never look back. There is a point in a person life when they think that they would not mind signing a contract with the devil himself as long as they are secured with money and fame for the rest of their life.

All I know is that my dreams of becoming a star was not in any way for the right reasons, but for the fact that I hated that I had been bullied in primary school and wanted all the people who had bullied me to regret ever doing so. I wanted the world to want to be me, to want to live my life, to want to be my friend and for it to be so hard for them to get in touch with me because I would constantly be on the road, surrounded by a sea of busy schedules and an entourage of made up of make-up artists, backstage crews and body guards.

The life I used to dream of is a life I no longer dream of or want. I know far more about what it takes to be famous than what I was aware of before. The grass is also never greener on the other side as long as you are living on this earth. All people, as long as they are human, go though trials and tribulations; they might put on a smile and rock outfits and make everyone desire to be them, but only they know how they truly feel inside.

I was browsing through some youtube comments posted on Jasmine Sullivan's song famous and found a comment which I found pretty interesting and it really made me think of my transition from being a person hungry for fame just to make others jealous of me, to becoming a person who has no desire for fame whatsoever.

"So many people want this life, but when your finally in it your whole vision of what this life can offer will and can be turned upside down. You want to show everyone that you can be on top intill the top shows you reality. Being famous is life or death and you really dont decide your fate. Fans, the lights, the drugs, the attention, the stress of the whole world coming at you to be bigger and better. Only the best can survive and even they learn that in the end you end up alone or die young." - Keyz2life

I know myself and the kind of person I am, and although my friends admire me for being good with the word "NO", it does not change the fact that I am not strong emotionally. Little things would be able to devastate me and since pressure is my enemy I would easily break under it.

Just a few years ago I came to the conclusion that fame is not for me. I like that I am able to live a "normal", "care-free" life without having to worry so much about who is watching me and whether or not I am influencing them (although I still try to set a good example, despite the fact that I might not be a role model to millions). The simple life might be tough at times, but I am a strong-willed person and do not like succumbing to other people telling me what to do or what to wear. I would not be able to stand or handle that.

I am happy to be able to walk on the street and not have people storming towards me because they recognize me. My family don't have to go through being followed because they are related to me and there are not people waiting outside my home in Norway whenever I come to visit.

In all, I am thankful for the fact that I am able to produce clear sounds when I am singing, and write poems and make them into songs. I do love the fact that I have been blessed with such a gift.

I love performing and like putting smiles on people's faces and the fact that they actually fall silent when I start singing, compared to when I am talking and not everyone wants to listen :P...

If one is not willing to throw away their dignity, throw away their life, sell their soul or change for the worse because of fame, then I don't see why they should not pursue it. But so far I can't say I have seen an artist who hasn't given up one thing or another in order to be famous.

As nothing is free in life, one must be willing to give up something in favour of another thing.

In the end the question still remains, Is fame really everything?