Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I have actually given it much thought and have decided that perhaps I should get myself braces. I do have an overbite and already have glasses, so what is the worst that could possibly come from getting braces. Some people would argue that I'm much too old for it, but when did getting braces ever have an age limit?

I am telling you now, I have actually seen someone who is older than me with braces, and she looked really pretty with them. I'm not saying that the same thing goes for me, but I'll just have to wait and see really.

One thing I could be really sure of is that once I do have braces it will stop me having nightmares about my teeth falling out or not being able to bite certain things. I always had to get my sister to pinch together my necklaces which had fallen apart, with her teeth, because mine simply would not joint together. The gap is of course not as big as I make it to be, but my mother said that I would definitely look prettier if I got myself a set of braces to fix the little overbite I have.

I really wonder how the braces will make me look and whether or not my braces will trap someone's lips in a kiss. Imagine being stuck together with someone else after kissing? I mean, I have heard that it is quite possible. The embarrassment as you arrive at the dentist and ask him to separate you. :P

There are the disadvantages all together; food getting stuck in your braces etc. But I'd rather have my teeth fixed I guess, and take better care of them. They're not really that bad, it's just the overbite that is bothering me, and the fact that I cannot chew certain things... hehe..  Well, you know like, small things; seeds for example.

I love bread with seeds in them, because I like chewing on the seeds, but I can't really do that properly and it takes ages to break the seeds into bits because the bottom half of my teeth and the top half of my teeth are so far apart.

So, instead of waiting a couple of years more and my overbite only getting worse, I will invest in getting myself braces this year. They are expensive so I suppose I should start saving up.