Friday, February 25, 2011

When lips are made for each other...

When I was younger and used to read books, some of them would always talk about people's hands fitting perfectly together, and I had always thought that perhaps if I found "the one" (if there is any such person out there for me) that our hands would fit perfectly; like two puzzle pieces.

I used to think it would be the same with lips; that perhaps when you found the perfect match, kissing would be a natural thing (not something you had to struggle with or be insecure about)...I have always thought that two people who were meant for each other would somehow have lips which would be shaped to embrace each other. It does probably seem like I'm a little weird, but I do acknowledge that. 

I guess there might or might not be any such thing as a soul mate out there, but I am certain of that one can love a million times, but there will only be that one person who took up so much room in your hear that it's impossible for anyone to replace them.

Since I have been watching Dream High(K-drama) for quite some time now, and my favourite character is IU, I have decided to post a song cover shed did for six pence nonthericher - Kiss me 

I absolutely adore the song and I think she did a great job