Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine's day: The day of Love?

I used to dislike this holiday with a passion, and whenever it did come to mind all I seemed to think of was commercialism and how people cared more about receiving gifts than giving them. The amount of disdain I would feel towards this day came from the simple fact that most people used it as an excuse to become highly materialistic.

The huge rock on their finger would be more important than the person who had given it to them, or perhaps how hard that person really had to work and scrape together money to buy it. 

Most guys would use buying a girl something really nice and shiny as a way to claim a reward (sex). Pathetic really. 

If you ask half of the people you pass by on the street what Valentine's day (<--press) derives from, you are likely to get a few "I don't know" answers, and if you are lucky enough, perhaps "Well, there was this guy whose name was Valentine......" 

Each year companies and their shops use Valentine's day as a way to promote themselves, with eager followers biting into the trap of giving their money to people who could not care less about them.  Tons and tons of magazine adverts and TV commercials would be dedicated to advertising Valentine's day,  showing the lack of "Love" which really exists out there in society. 

What happened to the rest of the 364 days of the year? Why can't those people who only wait until Valentine's day, show their appreciation for one another every day? It really does not hurt to show a person your appreciation for them every once in a while, by either doing something nice for them or buying them something. It's not all about buying the nicest thing, or the most expensive for that matter, but giving from the heart; being selfless, and not just buying because you are expecting something in return. 

How come some people think the 14th of February only revolves around loved-up couples and not the rest of the people in the world? If anything, I believe Valentine's day should be centred around families and friendship as well. 

Love is not only expressed through gifts and perhaps the amount you spend on them, it is expressed through every action of every day. 

As single girls, I and a couple of my friends would use Valentine's day as one of the many days of the year to appreciate each other by little, cute cards. It was fun and comforted us with the thought that we weren't alone as singles. :)

For those who don't really know why they are celebrating Valentine's day, and think it's because it was originally "a day of love", I suggest you do some research. It's better to know what you are celebrating, rather than being ignorant. You do of course know why you celebrate your birthday?

           Love everyday, not just on Valentine's day 
 Chika x x x