Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Twilight Saga

 I am currently reading Breaking Dawn from the twilight saga (for an assignment I have got) and had absolutely no idea that it existed in Korean, although I had an idea about the fact that it had been translated into several languages, which is therefore why I found it really cool when I searched for the twilight saga in Korean on google. You can imagine my surprise when the results actually came up. The covers are so beautiful, I might just purchase them for when I learn to read hangul properly. Because that will happen someday :P ..

Absolutely breathtaking these covers. I somehow wish the covers over here would be like that, although I have nothing against how they look as they do look very sophisticated. But I have to buy these books in the future. Ah, how proud of myself I will be when I can finally read books in Korean. :) My goal is really to be fluent in both Japanese and Korean someday and by God, someday I  just might be. :P I guess I just really need to practice hard and lose a lot of sleep *giggles*