Friday, February 4, 2011

"Pretty" versus "Ugly", who decides?

No matter how much I try avoiding it, I seem to always get in the middle of conversations regarding beauty. I hate it, because I wish people would just learn to see with their hearts for once, rather than rating people based on the texture of their hair, the colour of their eyes, the symmetry of their facial features, the size of their breasts, the size of their backside. Quite honestly, I don't give two fucks.

What gave people the right to start deciding who's ugly and not? Who is better looking and not? I find it really pathetic and a waste of time to sit and discuss such things because others might be there laughing, thinking "Well, you're not that attractive either, so why call someone else ugly?"

The amount of times I try to run away from situations like that because I hate trying to make people see it from my point of view. I don't like explaining why to me there is no such thing as "ugly", just a set of standards created by people. It bugs me that people always get so physical.

Whenever I would have a boyfriend the first question I would get was "Is he good looking?" My thought would always be "According to what standards, yours or mine?" I don't go for people because I think they are good looking, because if I did I'd probably end up with someone so fixated on their own appearance that they would hardly care about me.

What happens when that person's looks fade? What then? Will you be moving on to the next?

Certain people usually feed on the fact that a majority of people find them attractive, so that leaves them in a seat to judge other people's appearance right? Because they've received a certificate of "Pretty".  BULLSHIT! BULLSHIT! BULLSHIT! It makes me so angry I could hurl.

Who decides who is stupid and who is not? Does your position really say much about your intellect? "I got a 100 % so it must mean I am sooooo intelligent". Ever thought about hard work? Some people might achieve the same grade through hard work. A low grade does not mean a person is stupid and has no knowledge. If you do in fact rate a person as stupid when they get a bad grade, is the same person all of a sudden really smart when they get a good one?

Why judge people based on what you can see? Why not judge people based on what you can't see? Based on the things they are presenting you with? Their personality, their views, the way they see other people?

There will always be the issue of pretty and ugly, black and white, darker and lighter etc. because of the narrow minded society we live in. The same people I can discuss with that there is no such thing as fashion which is in because there are loads of different styles out there, are the very same people who can sit down, look at others and call them ugly. It's so sad.

I think we all have standards and just because of them we let that rule most of our choices, which sometimes turn out to be disastrous.  "OMG, she's prettier than her though!" SAYS FUCKING WHO? You? And you're right because???? Or  "She's not pretty, she's fat!" When did your weight start having to do with whether you are pretty or not?

Stuff like this really upsets me and makes me pissed.

It used to be a lot worse. Based on the length of your hair people would usually rate you as either ugly or pretty. If you had longer hair, you would be prettier, if you had shorter hair that would automatically make you ugly? STUPID, no?  However, that's how we have turned out. We judge people based on their features, based on the level of "attractiveness" we feel towards them.

It is always the people who after a certain amount of time of lashing out about who is pretty and who is not, go for the people which others do not find so attractive, WHY you ask? BECAUSE WE ALL HAVE OUR OWN SET OF STANDARDS! Can I use a stamp and stamp these words into people's brains soon?

I can't say I'm better, but I'd definitely not sit and decide who is pretty or ugly, because I don't know if other people out there see me as the most unattractive human being to have ever walked the face of this earth. I don't like getting questions like whether or not my boyfriend is good looking or taller than me. It annoys the FUCK out of me. I DON*T FREAKING CARE! and you know what? You shouldn't either.

 Chika x x x