Thursday, February 24, 2011

One sleepless night

Yesterday, for some reason I am not really aware of, I was so down, to the point where I didn't even feel like getting out of bed. It was absolutely horrible. However, now I feel a lot better as I spent like 2 and a half hours talking to a friend on skype, and he really encouraged me. :) It was nice talking to him as I was really in need of kind words.

I have been up since 3 a.m, but that is only because I had fallen asleep texting :P... Hopefully today I will get much more done than I had the previous day. ..

Today is a new day, it's a new dawn and I truly hope that I'll be able to get some work done. I decided to spend the sleepless night working on personalising my blog.

I like doing stuff that keeps me busy, but sometimes it can become a bit too much and I end up sitting awake for a really long time, using several hours on doing something.

I don't like using a lot of time to complete things I could otherwise do in minutes, but at times I like to carefully go through things so that I do not make any mistake. Anything less than perfect just never seems to be good enough :P