Thursday, February 10, 2011

My life in sections

I figured it is easy to get along with a person or to not get on their bad side very often once one knows what they are like. I was sitting down thinking about just how easy it really is for people to avoid conflict if they just take the time to pay attention to each other. I have decided to divide into sections the things which make me happy, angry or sad. 

What makes me Happy? :)

- When people give me my own personal space. (I like being surrounded by people, but not all the time)
- Watching Dramas (almost all day) in my PJs, preferably eating ice cream, if possible. 
- When I don't have to make an attempt to drag conversation out of a person who clearly wishes they were elsewhere.
- Thinking about my family and their dreams. 
- Putting a smile on another person's face. (Not the nasty kind of smile...)

What makes me Angry?  >"."<

- When people don't admit to being angry
- When I am in a discussion with someone and others are laughing at my points. 
- When a person knows the counterpart is at fault, but pretends they don't when I turn around to ask them, as they do not want to be dragged into an argument. It's so annoying watching them shrug their shoulders and look away. 
- When people laugh at others. 
-  When people call others ugly. 
- When people who expect everything to be funny call jokes dry because they do not understand them. 
- When people think the definition of beauty are the plastic-surgery-injected celebrities out there.
- When people mess up my things, but pretend nothing happened. 
- People who use others for their own benefit. 
- People who put on a sweet voice and googoo eyes just so you can do something for them. 
- People who speak openly about their sex life (I feel really uncomfortable around people like that) 
- People who cut others off whilst they are talking, because they believe they have something better to say or that their idea is more important. 
- People who cheat and get away with it
- People who cheat in general
- When people give themselves an invite to my room (e.g barging into my room without knocking)
- People who get bored too easily. (I do my best to stay away from  such people as I can't stand such characteristics)
- People who think they are better than others.
- People who measure you with their eyes (as in; look you up and down) whilst you are talking to them.
(The list is longer of course, but I can't go on forever) 

What makes me Sad? :(

- Hearing strories about people who have committed suicide
- Knowing there are people who suffer out there and that I can't possibly reach all of them.
- Sad scenes in Dramas. (Always have me bawling like a little child)
- Each time I have gotten comfortable in a certain place and am forced to leave. For example this Christmas when I had gotten fairly comfortable in Norway with my family and I had to leave to go back to England.
- Hearing about child abuse on the news or just how cruelly people have abused their children. (some people really have no shame at all)
-  When people aren't able to appreciate what they have.
- When I hear about siblings or families who no longer talk to each other. 
- When my siblings don't take time to call me or find out how I am doing. 
- When people make rude remarks that touch on sensitive parts of my life. 

I don't see myself as a pain to get along with, but I do not expect people to like me either. I don't really demand all that much, except that people accept me for who I am. Of course it is not everyone who will like me or get along with me, but that's fine.

Chika x x x