Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I'm not restricting boys from reading this post; quite frankly, the title has a different meaning to it than what some may think. 

By giving my post the title "No boys allowed", it simply means that if I am ever to commit myself to a person, he better not be a boy (as in the way he reasons and thinks), he must be a full-grown man. I want a real man who can handle situations with good reason, who knows exactly how to treat a girl and who does nothing to disrespect her. 

I want a man who has enough respect for his mother to not want to hurt another woman; not a boy who is selfish and only thinks about himself when all comes to all. You have boys who tend to do that; they are perhaps fully grown on the outside, but their ways of reasoning clearly shows that they lack maturity. I am not signing up for that. 

Boys are the ones who only look out for themselves, who when obstacles or problems come their way, they run away from them instead of trying to solve them. Boys are the ones who can't stick to one girl, but instead have to run around to be satisfied, they never treat a girl like they're everything, but rather someone who is around because they "need" them at that particular moment.I want none of that.

 I don't want a boy who looks out for himself only; who when he feels like he wants something, approaches you, but then when he is "satisfied", decides to leave. I don't want a boy who does not understand the importance of your existence, but rather treats you like shit because you choose to put up with it. I want a real man who can appreciate me, support me as much as I support him and love me unconditionally. 

With  most "full-grown" guys today, would they call themselves a  man or a boy? Of course people are allowed to be childish at times; who isn't? But reality calls for reasoning as well. You can't be a child all the time and expect things to go your way at all times. Sometimes you need to see the bigger picture. 

There are so many girls today who are with boys instead of with men; they are with people who only care about and look out for themselves only, boys who "stay down through whatever", but are quick to leave when they are frustrated or simply just want to sleep around; they do not understand the importance of a girl's care and take it for granted until they are stuck with something less than the best. Why regret later when you have a chance not to? 

So many people allow themselves to take so much for granted, until they are actually stuck with nothing. 

If you are a boy, I am speaking to YOU! Remember how earlier in this post I wrote: by a boy, I mean someone who has not fully matured in the manner of reasoning; they still think pretty much like what any little child would, mostly about themselves. A full-grown man could have these traits. Just because they are 30 does not mean they are not boys, because most of them still act like that.

They want to see "the world"; they want to mess about with as many girls as possible, not regarding their feelings; they want to let their eyes wander even when they are with a diamond piece who has sacrificed everything for them. It's sad!!! 

                         I wrote a song once, and the lyrics to the first verse goes like this: 

Love is for dummies, 
and the foolish alike, 
if you want to stay in it, you'll have to fight. 
Giving your all means giving your life. 
Are you ready to sacrifice? 

I don't necessarily mean that people who love are stupid. I simply mean that sometimes when people love, they love foolishly, to the point where they lose their whole reason. Love is not supposed to make a person think irrationally, that is not love at all; that's something else.  

Love should be more about accepting differences and working through difficulties, not about accepting everything as being good and ignoring when someone hurts you. If you're a girl and you're with a "boy" (anyone who treats you less than the best), you need to set the record straight.