Monday, February 28, 2011

Hair update

As I decided to go natural with my hair for approximately one month ago, I am pleased to say that I have noticed it has started growing (well, I guess that is only natural considering the fact that hair should grow). After discovering that Kids' organic Shea Butter does not mix with Eco olive oil styler gel, I will not try that again. However, organic Shea butter is really good for combing out one's hair and also for braiding it. It leaves my hair smooth and shiny and definitely not oily.  

The fun thing about this "hair journey" is that I get to discover things that work on my hair and things that don't which is a good thing, because I could give advice to people who have decided to go natural about good hair products. 

Now I've discovered that things which aren't so good for my hair type include mineral oil and petroleum, so there's only one thing to say to them: goodbye! And shampoos which contain alcohol only work at stripping hair off all its natural and essential oils which is not good at all, so today I made sure to wash my hair with a shampoo which did not contain alcohol and also a Shea Butter conditioner which does not contain alcohol. Because my scalp is so sensitive I could definitely feel a great difference in comparison to the last time I washed my hair. 

Well, I have taken a picture of the last time I did a twist out, so hopefully I'll keep a close watch on the growth of my hair to see how well it goes. I now also understand the importance of eating healthy food and drinking loads of water!