Tuesday, February 8, 2011

From a girl to a woman

I feel time proves to be ExPeRiEnCe in certain situations, because one finds that the things they used to get worked up over, no longer piss them off.
The views I have on a lot of things are not the views I used to have, and I find that I have grown in so many areas of my life, to the point where I am able to let go of a lot of things wearing me out.
I certainly don't find it hard to speak my mind anymore, and I'm so above having my voice muffled even when I have a lot of things to say.
  • I'm above apologising when I know it clearly wasn't my fault, as I used to do that a lot because of the fact that I hated disagreements or being on my own, with "everyone" against me.
  • I'm done crying over a dude who more than definitely isn't crying over me, or holding unto memories which need to be let lose and set free. 
  • I'm above letting people's opinions about me as a person, control me. Good advice is of course accepted, but not every piece of advice given is essential. 
One thing I despise more than anything is when people who are a few years older than I, think they are so much more mature than  I am, or more intelligent than me. Age has nothing to do with maturity, however the way one chooses to reason does. In other words, your tomorrow is based on the road you pave today.
If you make enough effort to make it, chances are you will.
I believe this blog marks a significant transition from my being a girl to becoming a woman, although I've known for a long time that I am no longer a child and that it is often expected of me to act that way. However, acting childish at times does not change one's maturity level, it just shows a person is not uptight and knows how to have fun.... 

Chika x x x