Sunday, February 13, 2011

Date? :)

Yesterday I met up with a guy I recently met at Seoul Plaza (a Korean food store) and we went and ate at Maru (haha... no my story is not about us). It was cool getting to know him although I was terribly nervous at first, but I was really good at covering it up (I think, because each time I felt too nervous I'd just have a sip of my drink so it wouldn't be obvious)

In Asia, or Korea, as far as I know, blood type usually tells a person what your personality is like, so I had a go at asking him what blood type he is. He is O, and because I really don't know what blood type I am, (I must have forgotten) I asked him what blood type he thought I am and he said O as well. When I asked him why he thought so, he said it was because I am outgoing,  but I think I am either A or B *giggles*. 

As I have been to Maru once before I was not as nervous as I had been the very first time I stepped foot in there. We spoke a lot about places we wished to travel, what we thought about living in Bournemouth, music, the Korean language etc. I did end up relaxing, I think right after he had said he thought I was outgoing. I think that comment made me want to live up to it. 

I found it awfully comforting that he would often laugh at a few silly comments I would make; I love it when people laugh or smile, completely makes my day.

It was funny because when the food arrived it was steaming hot and as he was wearing glasses he kept moving away from the steam. But he ended up taking his glasses off. The food was amazing, but I had been a bit full at the beginning, so I had the rest put in a take-away bag. 

When we were done eating I showed him how crap I write Korean symbols and he showed me his immaculate handwriting. I was absolutely smitten by how fast he wrote and said I want to write like that, and not the slow way in which I write. He wrote me a note that he wanted me to take home and study. Pretty sweet, as I had forgotten all about it, and found it at the bottom of my take away bag after he had walked me home.

Well, I don't know whether that could be considered a date or not, but he did suggest we go and eat, he did pay for the food, he did walk me home, and I invited him in for a while. Date or not? That is the question.