Friday, February 18, 2011

Bills, sugar cutting and delivery

You could imagine the excitement I felt once I came home and saw a huge package lying on my bed. A few days ago (approximately two) I had placed an order on two bags at :) ... Ahhh.. I was overjoyed when I saw that they had arrived today. A cherry on top of the cake.

I'm super happy with my purchase, as I am not one who enjoys shopping very much, but I guess I've found myself a little bit of a new hobby. ONLINE SHOPPING! Yayy. It is actually fun just browsing around on shopping sites and looking at all the wonderful things which exist there. I guess there's nothing wrong with having a look at things, as long as one is not always bitten by the urge to buy each time they come across something nice. 

The bills we had to pay did not bite as much once I got home and saw my package lying on my bed, waiting to be opened. It normally hurts to have to pay bills, but "oh well, that's life", I guess we'll just have to suck it in :P They had cut off our internet for a short while as the we had been late with payment on the internet bill. Thankfully when I came home and it had all been sorted I felt at ease. No more chattering teeth from the cold!

                                                                 - - - 

I've decided to cut down on sugar as I realised my heart is not beating at the rate it should and that I usually have enormous head aches after certain amounts of sugar intakes. I probably should have it checked out. I guess now I won't be able to indulge in the sinful eating of sugar-bombed products anymore :( *sigh* Oh well, guess some things just have to be learned the hard way.....